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meet the CEO

Introducing Eddie Powell, On Tour Services Unlimited CEO


Music industry powerhouse Eddie Powell Jr. is an American music event manager and CEO of On Tour Services Unlimited, LLC. With over 30 years of powerful presence and influence in the industry, Eddie has dominated the management and touring arena and has consistently led the careers of numerous chart-topping music artists in genres ranging from Hip-Hop/R&B all the way to Pop/Contemporary.

Growing from humble beginnings, Eddie landed his first contact in the industry while working at the Marriott Hotel as a young adult. From there, his exposure grew exponentially where he started working under the late Rick James, then as an event venue runner which opened doors for him to become assistant wardrobe director for singer Patti LaBelle. His professionalism turned this internship into a 7-year permanent position, giving him an official start in the industry. Powell’s wardrobe career immensely grew which allowed him to work with other music acts such as Boyz II Men and Gerald Levert. All of his newfound experience allowed him to network with a multitude of music executives to leverage more opportunities.


Transitioning: Wardrobe to Management


Eddie Powell created a name for himself in the wardrobe arena, but sought the chance to tap into the business side of it all. Powell worked as an intern learning the duties of a tour manager for acts like Bell, Biv, DeVoe and Johnny Gill. His skills were put to the test as he managed the Home Again Tour starring New Edition. He successfully got the job done, which elevated Powell’s career and made him known yet again for his work ethic and “get it done” demeanor.

Powell has served in other positions such as tour manager, promoter, artist liaison, event coordinator and personal assistant. His skills include, but are not limited to, artist and travel management, tour organizing, accounting, public speaking and more. He has worked with some of music’s largest artists such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Usher, Alicia Keys and many more. As the CEO of On Tour Services Unlimited, Powell and his team will continue to grow as the industry grows day by day.

“People always ask me how have I gotten this far in my industry for so long. I tell them I have the best agent anyone could ever ask for. JCA. The Jesus Christ Agency. He gets the credit for how far we’ve come, and how much further we will go. And there is no limit to that.” ~ Eddie Powell Jr.

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