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Have you ever wondered how to get that job in the music Industry? Ever wondered what the backstage blueprint to professional concert touring is?


Well here's your opportunity to speak to Edward Powell, someone with over 30 years of experience, and have your questions answered.

Some of the categories we offer consulting in are:


Tour Management

Road Management

Stage Management

Production Management

Production Assistant

Accounting / Budgets

Security Briefing / Venue Advancing



Backstage Coordinator

Hospitality Coordinator

Catering Advancing

Transportation Coordinating

Venue Runner Coordinating

Talent Coordinator (Wrangler)


Passport Registration

Passport Extensions

Boarder Consulting

Immigration Registering

Immigration Processing

Visa - Acquiring

Visa - Processing


Artist Management

Artist Personal Assistance

Artist Liaison

Wardrobe Director

Wardrobe Asst.



Our Services

Our Services

For all other bookings/inquiries, please contact us at

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