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"To empower the average consumer with the knowledge and skill set necessary to obtain employment in the entertainment industry."


For more than 30 years, On Tour Services has played a pivotal role in transforming the live entertainment touring industry with a blueprint built from the ground up. Our expertise and exceptional delivery of high-quality service for music events make us a premier touring partner in the industry. We seek to develop lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and employees under the highest ethical and professional standards. We are committed to diversity, inclusion and professional growth with our pledge to excellence.


Our mission is to share, enlighten and empower individuals who are intrigued to know about concert touring through a distinctive approach to quality, service, and support. We provide consultations in the areas of Production Assistance, Tour Management, Road Management, Wardrobe Management and a plethora more of other industries niches. 


Our vision is to build relationships and deliver extraordinary experiences through entertainment while consistently providing a seamless and professional encounter for all parties involved. 

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